PET TALK: The Hunger Dead Duo Walker & Haymitch. My Fostered Holland LopS!

The Hunger Dead Duo Walker & Haymitch. 
My Fostered Holland LopS 

Have you guys met my very first Netherland Dwarf bunny BAXTER? Read all about her here!

So after Baxter, I fostered two bunnies...
HOLLAND LOP this time around~
A Holland Lop is a rabbit breed bearing that signature droopy ears!
But hey, being cute does not stop there.
It ain't all about the ears.

Again, a rabbit is a long-term commitment.

They live up to 9-11 years (even more!)
They are more of laid back species, docile and what they do is mostly chill hehe.
Bunnies, not just holland lops require extra love and attention.

They need extra care compared to dogs.

You need to watch their diet, you need to make sure that your bunnies have the appropriate
exercise per day, they need toys for their stimulation and more!
You also need to clean their cage regularly,
they need unlimited fresh hay and water..
make sure they are groomed..
shoot i do get tired typing all these...
it is that meticulous to take care of them rabbits haha!
But the rewards..ahhh. 
Just priceless.
Because every bunny has different unique personalities, you will be amazed on how they could actually bring sparkle and fun into your daily lives.

The Hunger Dead Duo Walker & Haymitch

Chestnut Holland Lop
It's usually called chestnut as each hair shaft of the bunny is multicolored;
fur composed mainly of white, brown and with black tips.
Distinct Feature: The heart-shaped nose.

Named after Haymitch Abernathy of The Hunger Games

Status: Alive (pun intended*)
Sometimes he goes out of the cage like being a tipsy in town;
I have yet to see if he is an alcoholic too.
Sober? Yes . So far.
Nah. I kid.
What I love about Haymitch character?
His being canny.
I'm referring to the Haymitch in The Hunger Games yah?
No seriously,
Haymitch the bun, just like a good mentor is the protective type.
He may not be gaudy all the time but he makes sure he takes good care of his little bro, Walker.
I think he is teaching Walker to be like him,
to become a bun that has this character of being hard to pin down.
You know, Yoda to Luke Skywalker?
Same sense.

Solid Black Holland Lop
Named after the zombies cum Walkers from THE WALKING DEAD
Status: A Walker? By definition is DEAD. They ultimately decay and "starve"
I have yet to see if this bun will infect me too. (pun-intended*)
Distinct Feature: The paws.They look like mittens or gloves!
Walker is the hyperactive type.
Literally eat like a zombie.ZOMG.

These two? 

Bonded in less than an hour and now inseparable.

More pics of these duo soon! Thanks for droppin' by

PET TALK: The Hunger Dead Duo Walker & Haymitch. My Fostered Holland LopS !







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