PET TALK: Do Bunnies Get Bored & Meet My Holland Lop Bunny, Vendetta!

Do Bunnies Get Bored & Meet My Holland Lop Bunny, Vendetta

Of all the topics I wanted to blab about,  I came up with boredom. It's because most people were asking me, do bunnies really need to have a companion? Do they ever get lonely? Would my bunny ever get depressed even if she is the only bunny in the house?

Bunnies are fine even when they are alone. 

The only thing you need to focus on as an owner is that you have to give them their bunny time every single frikkin' day. Bunnies are actually clingy animals, the more you pet and give them your attention and care,  the more they'll love you! They always need attention and if you intend on just keeping one, make sure you always spend time to bond with them.

It's simple. Bond and there will be no space for  boredom ..ever

So you if are out 90% of the time, make sure your bunnies have other stuff to do while you're out of sight. Give them toys which are bunny-friendly (wood, sticks, etc..) and when you come home from work, you can free them and let it enjoy some playtime. They need not just to play, but what they need is exercise! They require at least 3-4 hours each day.

There is no need for you to register him into a gym though haha! Let him romp, stomp and pump up those muscles. This will also improve the bunny's urinary system. They are not the cute critters that stay all day in the cage, twitching their noses and expecting carrots or treats. You may give them the cutest or most expensive toys but really, rabbits would still prefer to have your attention amongst it all.

Meet My Holland Lop Bunny, 
v e n d e t t a
Name Origin: The anarchist hero of the "V for Vendetta" movie
Broken Black Holland Lop
VENDETTA: "How's this for a purrffect V for Vendetta pose human?"
HUMAN: Good job, V.  I will try to hack you some Guy Fawkes face mask and a hat soon.

Vendetta or V, as I like to call her...
seems to have gotten her personality from Lady Diana haha!
When she feels cool, calm and collected , you will see her like this.
Just like a pup, she is so well-behaved; prim and proper I must say.

V during her playtime. She likes to explore the dining area.
She thinks she can outsmart everybody .
Ah you kidding me?
With that ginormous butt of yours,
it's too cute not to spot in a jiffy, V.

See that nose , shaped like a perfect V hehe!
Love her twitching nose, it's my fave part of a bunny's face 

V goes along well with Walker before, but lately she's becoming stern and all.

 INSTAGRAM Bunny Moments of Vendetta:

Mad at Mud. Uh oh somebun is so gonna get durty. And someone will haf a hard tym cleanin her up later. Love her bunny SPLAT ! ♡

"What do you mean playtime is over?" That time wherein the hooman wants yo hit the sack and the lil rascal still demands some playin. How to say no with this face?

This Face. Just before I leave home today. Sweetie as much as I wanna be home mommah needs to grind her butt off for you to have quality pellets in your food bowl yah. Hehem see you later tonight x.

Somebun got taste. She used my #deborahlippman as a chin rest. That or she wants her paws done too. I was spying on her and she haven't moved at all. So how do we solve this you silly bun? ^^ ♡
Monday Morning Chill before #thewalkingdead starts in an hour. Lil rascal people watching..just sitting there enjoying the oohh-ahhhs from neighbours ♡

Thanks for reading

 Do Bunnies Get Bored & Meet My Holland Lop Bunny, Vendetta ♡







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