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Thanks to everyone who participated, as OC as I am, I needed to verify each & every 5x. It's not easy to void an entry just because the person missed to set the Facebook status entry to public(which of course I wun be able to access)..pretty sure you get the gist. I initially wanted a tool but then the ol'skool way is still the best way to go (thanks for drawing the winners for me E!) Do refer on my in blue please 

 I used my old bank statements instead of blank note papers!
Thumbs up for recycled 'random-ol-skool-org' yeah?

Package A : #STEAK

 2 WINNERS | PHP2,500/each

  1. Janine Monasterial
  2. Apple Calimbas

Taken in verbatim from  Janine Monasterial  entry 

Guess my first job in Singapore
Hmmm.. Modeling?

WICKERMOSS originated from?

Wickermoss... As a young girl, you used to spend days and days, sitting on a wicker chair, with moss green throw pillows upon it. Reading, reading, reading. Books after books after books. Spending summers pondering what lies beyond the life you had at the time. Your mind making love to different flights of fancy, wandering, wondering, hoping. And one day, upon that same chair, the birth of a firm resolve to chase your dreams. Your bum left the chair, the chair sat in your heart. You believed and achieved. You decided to chronicle your life via a blog and when the decision for who you will be known as... Listened to the soft whisper of that chair sitting in your heart... "WickerMoss.. Yeah, why not indeed..."

I'd love to win the steak package so I can enjoy it with mom! We could make believe Dad's still here because he loved steak. :)

**Nice try Janine! Though they were not the right answers, I loved them!

For the wickeRmoss..loved the line "your bum left the chair, the chair sat in your heart".  We both have lost our beloved dads isn't it? Correct me if my assumption is wrong. My father is not a steak lover though, he liked those grilled/inihaw na bangus(stuffed milkfish) and our undying love for fresh oysters..I MISS!
Thanks for this, I was truly touched by your entry.Have a steakin'bondin with your lovely mom then,it's Mother's Day so it's a timely treat for her,for sure your dad would be happy for the both of you

Taken in verbatim from  Apple Calimbas  entry 

Who are you & why do you read my blog?
I read your blog cause they have the most sense out of most bloogers I know and I read it because I love it and I love you dear sissy! ^_^ nanggugulo lang, baka sakali manalo ng Naked 2,haha!

**Dear Apple, I think you are now the prettiest & luckiest woman na nanggugulo lang(troublemaker woman). You may have not won the Naked2, but you can surely devour those heavyweight & juicy steaks from Outback! Have a feast&enjoy the treat!

Package C : #SHOES


 2 WINNERS | PHP1,000/each

  1. Denzyl Jade
  2. Angel Manalata

Taken in verbatim from  Denzyl Jade  re-blog link entry 
I find the mechanics extremely detailed as well. I don't know but for me it's..compelling. :D Another reason why I love joining giveaways is because of this irresistible need to complete the whole process..and do it correctly! This one from wickeRmoss has been the most intricate so far. Is this some kind of sickness or something? Haha!

If you'd like to join her giveaway you can do so by clicking on the banner above. It will lead you directly to the giveaway post. And oh, do follow her blog! I am a fan of her writing. Every thing is very well constructed and I love her play of words. :)

Now that I have graduated I know that when I land on a job, I would definitely need a good pair for work. Manels offer a variety of designs suitable for any corporate attire. But being a fresh grad, I can't seem to afford anything!

The GC's will certainly be able to help me purchase those shoes. :)

**Thanks for the kind words Denzyl! You have seriously put a smile on my face with this. Appreciate it. Congrats on graduating as well, I feel you. Welcome to the real world woman. Get the job you'd love and the comfiest  & prettiest shoes in MANELS. It was a pleasure helping you on this new phase of your life. Do send me a photo real soon aite? 

Taken in verbatim from Angel Manalata's entry

Who are you & why do you read my blog?
I am Angel, of Angelamhiere's Little Heaven. I read your blog because I find your posts very interesting. It doesn't concentrate only on one topic, but it also tackles other concerns. I love it that you are so creative in each post. Your titles always makes me curious on what the article is going to be about.

I want to win Package C. Because if ever I win, I want to remember that I won in your contest just byb staring at the shoes that I'll be able to win. ^__^  I am thinking of buying a pair of shoes for my hubby. I know he's going to love it. I want to surprise him. He's always too giddy when I allow him to buy a pair of shoes. Imagine him in his enormous size, feeling all too giddy over a pair of shoes... I find it sooooo cute!!! =D

**Angel Angel..the titles? My editor-in-chief when I was still in high school said the exact same thing. My articles were always put on hold when I was writing for the school paper that time, 'cause they always find my words, content and ahuh titles... too @#$%! In other words, if you'd compare it to a film, you need the MTRCB to review the entire reel haha.

Now for the reason why it took me 5x to validate entries. . .


No joiners = No  winner for the Naked2 Palette Prize.

And yes I haven't totally forgotten about my  20 Random Things giveaway and it's rollin' out by next week or check back if you'd be interested to join another giveaway. 

Thanks loves!







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