Les Misérables Must Close in 2 Weeks Plus Media Call Happenings 💕

Les Miserables (Singapore) Must Close in 2 weeks Plus Media Call Happenings 

not all days are the same. yesterday may glide better than the other day, i want to punch the crappy days in the face, grab it by the ears and beat the hell out of it. 


i shan't let that ruin this fahb-mazing thing that made my year truly sparkle.

yes, still not over it. my guardian angels were in cahoots with my bucket list and shazam! i got to be a part of Les Miserables events in singapore.

I've been waiting for lesmis to arrive in sg since last year and the time is now, the day is here! #onedaymore no more

So my royal blue hair and #OOTD matched the LesMis emblem! Truth be told I didn't plan on it but when I saw these pics I said - Sheesh, so what? Me likey anyway ðŸ’•

Woke up REAL early for the Media Call as call time was set to start at 11am. You have to be there at least an hour before for the set-up, briefing and the whatnot. 

The costumes used during the 1987 production were on display along the hallway. They look so old school! 

And as expected, they started on time. Memory is a tease sometimes. Boy, did I friggin' miss The Esplanade! 

My first time to watch here was when they've shown my favorite Broadway Musical of all time, The Phantom Of The Opera. When was that by the way?! 


I made sure I got the very front row seats when they've released the tickets for Phantom and it was truly one unforgettable night. Upon entrance, one can immediately fall in love with this stunning theatre. The horseshoe shape makes it more homey in my opinion. It certainly brought back those memories💕

This is what you'll exactly see before the show itself begins. Victor Hugo's paintings were surely remarkable - full of rich, dark hues, sprawling with gritty mystery awaiting to be unleashed. 

Came 11 am and Alain Boublil (lyricist/composer) did an opening speech afterwards he then presented the Les Misérables  cast to the media/press. 

And when the curtain went up, my pants fell down.

the les miserables cast. 
what a sight to behold, indeed. 

Cameron Blakely who plays Thénardier (5th guy from your left*) is like an instant caffeine brought on stage. Mann, just look at this guy's smiling face! Sucha cheeky chap!!! Same goes for Mrs. Thénardier I guess? This brash and bawdy couple is just too darn difficult to hate, they're so adorable!

Same goes for Kerrie Anne Greenland/Éponine(the dirty lil fella in trench coat!), she's a breath of fresh air. Simon Gleeson (Jean Valjean) and Earl Carpenter (Javert) were already so 'in' character. 

Gavroche & Enjolras can pass up as siblings! I died of cuteness.  Fantine's wig is haunting; Cosette & Marius - the lovebirds looked like they literally came out of a paperback romance novel.

Without any further ado, they started rolling with One Day More, followed by Ã‰ponine's On My Own and ended with Jean Valjean's Bring Him Home.

Kerrie Anne Greenland (Éponine). Hail to the Friendzoned Queen. She did her rendition of On My Own then went straight to The Barricade.

I think the stage burns up even more everytime Enjolras is around. 

Chris Durling (Enjolras) is  HOT AF! #JUSKOLAWRD !!! He's like a Greek God with those gorgeous blonde locks, LOL. I think he's the hottest Enjolras ever casted. Violent reactions anyone? haha!

Jean Valjean's Bring Him Home. From delivering that soaring angelic high voice to his deep down noble notes - seriously, what on earth does Simon Gleeson drink or eat everyday to have that extremely powerful voice?!? 

Who else loves  The Barricade as much as I do?

Aint it obvious? I got a ton of selfies here hah! They made it looked so compact yet full of meaning.  The Barricade is the heart of LesMis is for me. They were schoolboys who never held a gun yet fought for what they believed in, and they all died in just 1 night. The trauma, the tragic, the forgotten cry for freedom.  

There you go, an overview of what happened during the Les Misérables Media Preview at The Esplanade. 

We then headed to conduct the cast interviews in which I shall share in the upcoming posts as well as my review. Stay tuned! x

Special Mention of Thanks to: Mediacorp Vizpro International 

Les Misérables
Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay until 24 July 2016 

Simon Gleeson as Jean Valjean
Earl Carpenter as Javert
Patrice Tipoki as Fantine
Kerrie Anne Greenland as Éponine
Emily Langridge as Cosette
Paul Wilkins as Marius
Cameron Blakely as Thénardier
Helen Walsh as Madame Thénardier
Chris Durling as Enjolras

Show Timings:

Tuesdays to Fridays at 8:00pm
Saturdays at 2:00pm and 8:00pm
Sundays at 1:30pm and 7.00pm

Buy your tickets from Sistic now:

Cat 1: $228
Cat 2: $198
Cat 3: $168
Cat 4: $128
Cat 5: $98
Cat 6: $58
*prices exclude booking fee

Thanks for looking 

DISCLOSURE: Author was invited to the press/media call/media screening night. All opinions and thoughts expressed in this post are her own and remain 100% uninfluencedAll images are the property of wickeRmoss unless stated otherwise. Use of these images without any consent is prohibited. 

Les Miserables (Singapore) Must Close in 2 weeks Plus Media Call Happenings 


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