SkinnyMint 28 Day Teatox Experience


Teatox, detox, tea detox - if you happen to buy (or try) this SKINNYMINT teatox and your primary goal is to lose weight, I suggest you look somewhere else. Water, healthy eating and regular exercise can save you a lot of bucks. Since the teatox inception in 2014 (or was it earlier?), this product has gathered a lot of sponsored reviews online. Tell you what, I'm not gonna even try to break down the ingredients as I'm sure it won't be rooting any reader's interest. Head over to the SkinnyMint website here as they've got it covered for you. 

What readers would like to know is how potent it is - weight loss, side effects, money's worth scale. 

Sure, losing weight is a strong lure for women to try this teatox but in this post,  I will be sharing what I felt during the teatox process, the excuses I've given my friends for being MIA during our weekly high-tea session, if my tummy went flat or perhaps even telling how many times I've put client meetings on hold due to false-alarm toilet runs.

First off, I did not take this to lose weight. Some people take this as a diet equalizer, meaning- they think that they can chomp on McD's double cheeseburger, coke, fries and sundae  all day long yet won't get fat as long as they drink this at night. Ahh, STAHP.

So what it this set that I got?

The 28 day Skinny Mint Teatox pack or set includes:

  • 28 days supply of Morning Boost Teabags
  • 14 Night Cleanse Tea bags (one for every other night)
Both teas come in small tea pyramid bags that contain loose leaf tea and costs about SGD69.90 per set. You may want to check your region if this is readily available, here in Singapore it is locally ready to be delivered to your convenience. We also had a pleasant experience ordering through their website as their customer service team is really helpful. 


That initial whiff of the morning boost tea sent me to an illusive climax. For a moment I thought I was at Arteastiq or even TWG coz of its inviting scent. Sip, nam-nam, sip, nam-nam again. 

Strong start but the charm starts to wear thin. It tasted like a plain ol' Japanese tea, not bad but well, too plain that it lacks character. I wanted to appreciate the chutzpah of the morning boost bag but it sent more confusion rather than satisfaction. A definite far-off alternative to my morning daily coffee mug. 

Don't let me start with the Night Boost. 

A total downer and my urge to drink this religiously every other night was thrown right out the window. It's not exactly bitter but gives a vile, weird aftertaste. Of course, it contained Psyllium Husk - a bulking fiber, which means once ingested it's able to scrub the intestines and do the colon cleanse. But come to think of it, is there a Night Cleansing Tea that actually tastes good? 

the dreadful first 3 days

There was a period wherein I had difficulty passing motion - it's not a daily thing for me. Let's say, every other day - TMI but that's a fact. 

My main target was to blast away this bloated belly and POOP everyday with the help of this shit, got it? 

If you wanna call it BLOATED, fine with me. Since my digestive system's wreaking havoc, I did not even cater the thought of this being a laxative. I even told myself, WTF?! If that means I have to beat my officemate to use the handicap toilet first, I WILL.

Seriously, I had the tea for 3 straight days and it did nothing. Or should I say it did something because the more it friggin' stopped my urge to POOP?! It even worsened my belly bloat, imagine almost 3 days of not pooping?!  Luckily, I didn't feel any extreme stomach pain nor cramps, it's just the worst feeling ever. 

On the 4th day my butt finally kissed the toilet bowl and made the throwaway wink. 

sTeeping positivity

While some see this detox thingie as something to put them back in track, i see the exact opposite. It's designed to be a FRESH START. Why I said so? 

I'm one of those fortunate ones who felt less lethargic on the 5th day. No sluggish feel - as if this teatox suddenly imbued a little magic in my stem cells. It paved the way to brighter mornings-I've been waking up earlier than usual, my tolerance for my former immature boss heightened, my attitude towards work move briskly and extra efficient along the way, I even had the extra energy to jog at night. There were also mornings that I skipped breakfast and still feel pumped up before noon comes.

from groans to gasps

I apologize if I wouldn't be able to answer if this contributed to any weight loss. Perhaps other bloggers/influencers could give you their respective insights on losing weight by taking the SKINNYMINT TEATOX- however we all know it's another factor if the reviews you'll be referrin' to are well,  sponsored or not. 

So did I achieve what I wanted? YES AND NO. 

I can still say this teatox helped me burden off my organs somehow as before I used to experience mild cramping while bloated. While taking this, my belly may have been bloated but I do not encounter any excruciating pain. SUCKS RIGHT?!  That sense of relief after flushing out the toxins, mamamia! Uh-  the 3 day armageddon? I forgive you.

Results on me weren't just confusing, it adds up to the fact that indeed every individual acquires different results. Again, what worked work for me may not work for you. As this was claimed as a laxative by many, it was the proverbial straw that I got it in the first place. Losing weight was never a part of the picture.

You don't need herbal or any detox teas to feel good and feel less bloated. Water is everywhere! It's still my personal ally. Whenever I fail to fully hydrate myself during the day, I already knew my system will again wreak havoc on me.

I've stopped using it after a week, it made a good kitchen cupboard addition as there were no further effects I've experienced and no, I'm not gonna penalize my palate with that Night Cleanse Tea again. I reduced my intake of cereals and bread, incorporated more quinoa in my diet and my tummy seemed to function better. Also, I stopped drinking ice cold water and BAM it helped a whole damn lot. It's just a matter of self-discipline. 

Come to think of it, lotsa money for a laxative. Is it worth it ? For me, NOPE. 

The challenge in this teatox journey with SkinnyMint clings on to the razzle-dazzle of one's primary health goals. It gave me a stretchable believability, I may have been groggy along the way but that frenetic chase to the loo wobbles along that tightrope of a no more teatox journey for me please. 

Thanks for looking 

DISCLAIMER: Products purchased via the website and not sponsored by any means.  No form of compensation involved & author not affiliated with the brands/companies mentioned above.   All opinions and thoughts expressed in this post are her own and remain 100% uninfluenced.All images are the property of wickeRmoss. Use of these images without any consent is prohibited.

SkinnyMint 28 Day Teatox Experience


  1. I wonder if they have shop here in Hongkong where i can buy this product. For a try if it is really good for starters.

    1. Hi, I hope you found one out there in HK dear! :D


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