REVIEW: Saturday Night Fever, The Musical at Marina Bay Sands, Singapore. Disco Ain't Dead After All.

REVIEW: Saturday Night Fever, The Musical at Marina Bay Sands, Singapore. Disco Ain't Dead After All.

Disco Ain't Dead.

Here is another rundown review of the Saturday Night Fever the Musical recently shown at the Marina Bay Sands, Singapore.

I told 'ya I love Broadway Musicals!

We got swagger! The infamous moves that made John Travolta, THE JOHN TRAVOLTA. Ain't he stinkin' cute in those bell-bottom pants haha!

Retro. Manero. Boogies shoes. Brooklyn - New York Circa 70's is where bump & grind rules. When you watch the narcissist Tony Manero on the dance floor swivel his hips with much gusto, you'll find yourself sighing "What do you know, disco ain't dead." SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER, the Musical is a brand-new production and one of the most loved dance stories of all time. The 2015 Asian Tour of the West End and Broadway iconic dance musical featured a revamped script and completely re-conceptualised production. SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER’s Asian Tour, its first in eight years,featured an international cast from the US and Manila, Philippines.

With a rated-R production, audience were made to travel back to 1976 in New York with Tony Manero, played by Broadway actor Brandon Rubendall as (as he burns the dance floor and joins a life-changing dance contest.) As what SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER says,  “When John Travolta walked on to the dance floor in the smash hit film Saturday Night Fever, it changed the way we dance forever.” True, comparison with Travolta and Rubendall clouded our minds but Rubendall nailed it. He adapted his own style of ad-libbing about his hair and it's enough to say he acquired the Travolta's merit.

Furthermore, the rest of the cast were all vocally adept; had seen Filipinos donning wigs and strutting Caucasian moves and all - in which I find them ain't odd but rather convincing. 

It was a really proud moment, watching this play with almost 90% of Filipino performers, wowzah!

What's commendable aside from the cast is the swift change of the set and lighting design, from Tony's room, the dance studio, the disco itself- even the fascinating shots of the Brooklyn Bridge. The songs did justice, you bet it was a challenge not to do shoulder-shimmying and tap our foot. The highly drilled dance routines with high-adrenaline movements by Manero and the cast,  a total feast for the eyes. Rubendall's well-sculpted abs- what a sight to behold; hey, schmexy is the word.

Stage actresses from the Philippines Carla Forteza, Mikkie Bradshaw stole several scenes; their voices crystal clear that exude the familiar flavour of women getting hurt from love. Their wit and grace displayed on stage is impressive. 

Just as one thought this was pure salty language, youth violence, Catholicism guilt, rape, abortion, chauvinism and all, this was an eye opener. SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER is as immersive and peculiarly moving. 

You just do not get to enjoy the music when you watch this, the life lessons are on point. 

Finding one's actual purpose  in life, dancing not just to the beat of the music but to life's hurdles and challenges. In the end, trying to survive and continue finding inspiration even if you're dancing to the nostalgic era of the 70's. After all opportunity dances with those already on the dance floor.

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REVIEW: Saturday Night Fever, The Musical at Marina Bay Sands, Singapore. Disco Ain't Dead After All.







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