PET TALK: BONITA. My Netherland Dwarf Show Bunny & The Things Fostering Has Taught Me.

Bonita. My Netherland Dwarf Show Bunny.

And so you have met Baxter, Haymitch, Walker and Vendetta. It has been great being a foster bunnymama to all of them and yes, it sucks just to hear their names. I miss them badly! Fosterin' a bunny has been a brilliant move, at least for me. It's a rare and special experience not all people have. I consider them not just experiences, but as gifts. Rabbits may not lick you back all the time like dogs do, but they have this special connection with human beings; I only knew that when I had the furballs be adopted to their full time homes. Call it heart wrenching.

So now let's talk about Bonita. I have not really exposed her that much, even on my Instagram. That's cause after all the fostering, I finally had the chance to say, this precious little one is mine. I got her from The Rabbit Headquarters, a known haven for show bunnies in Singapore. I might talk about them one day soon. If you want quality bunnies this is the right place to go. Their bunnies are all imported from the US and other parts of the world. Anyway, Bonita is a Netherland Dwarf. I got her when she was about 2.5 months; so fragile. So I really gave her a lot of my time, love and affection; and  I think I really have chosen the name that fits her best, Bonita as in beautiful.

When getting a pet bunny, you do not rely on their looks.
It's their personalities that matter.
Each and every bunny is unique.
They do not depend on the breed, the colour, the age...
each of them are  born extra special.

As an owner, they will depend on us for we are the one who will nurture them as they grow old.
Are you keen on getting one?
They are a lifetime 10 years plus commitment!

As they say, you do not pick the bunny you want. The bunny will pick you. Bonita had me at this look. She lowered her chin when I first met her. Just look at those tiny eyes, they were actually telling me something. I do not think she was asking for some petting here, she just spoke to my heart. To make the long story short, Bonita came home with me in an instant. And oh, her colour was a bonus. Taupe! I love taupe especially for nail polish, bags and eyeshadows. But come on, for a bunny? I was so ecstatic!

Her first shot when she reached my place. The infamous corner. 
Hello Bonita, welcome to your new home, am your new mommah!

Seriously, Bonita has got the "look". 
Not about the physical attributes, but man! 
Those pair of eyes!
Knees go weak whenever I see them looking at me. 
She got the most expressive eyes I tell you.
With most bunnies, it's in the ears that you can try to decipher what they feel. 
But in Bonita's case, it's her eyes. 
Just one look at those peepers and I knew already what she wants; 
what is it that she was feeling at the moment; if she's hungry or wants more playtime.

She was tiny, too cute, squishable and my aim then was to make her really fat haha!
But then she was still very young and she still has a lot more to develop.
Again I think me getting a Netherland Dwarf was the best move I made this year.
I was actually contemplating if I should get a Holland Lop for real,
but then again I prefer dwarfs; they are more compact and  I like their stance!
Just look at my baby girl above! Beautiful without a doubt.

Happy Easter everybun! From yours truly and Bonita!

Thanks for reading

Bonita. My Netherland Dwarf Show Bunny.







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