EATS: Ladurée Paris Macaron, Where Art Thy Magic?

Laduree Paris Macaron: Where Art Thy Magic?

Gimme doughnuts and macaron and I'd  clutch that doughnut before you could even say a thing.
What is up with macarons anyway?
They look like bloated burger buns to me.
Whewps, no offense meant to those macaron freaks out there.

Ahh. This Ladurée.
One of the best known makers of macarons in the world.
For the life of me,
I cannot decrypt the obsession going on with this macaron. 

I purposely went down one day to Takashimaya,
well after all that macaron-craze has died down on its tail;
and armed with a full bag of expectation and hope that maybe,
just maybe this Ladurée would make love macaron.
By the way, I like the macaroons from GOLDILOCKS,
do they still happen to sell that?
I remember finishing a whole pack by myself when I was small.
That macaroons rawk!
That Goldilocks macaroons are the coconut sticky sweets.
In any case, they are both totally different.
So see, we shall.

As most French foods are, macarons are spooky in my eyes.
Contrary to what others may say as cute.
Spooky cause it need some serious business to make the perfect macarons.

Just because they're uh...colorful?
Some people think they're classy when they carry a wine glass and a cute macaron in hand
during a party and the whatnot.
But hey girl, do you really even know how to distinguish a real macaron?
It's not just about the neon pink colour.
It's not just about the cute ruffled edges.
Shoot. It seems that I hate macarons but nah, hear me out first.

It's too overrated you see.
Plus the price? Ladurée is SGD3.80 per frakkin piece.
I am speaking because after tasting these bloated burger buns
yes I prefer to call them that...
it was a total MEH.

They also charge extra for the box(really?)
wherein it's just a typical pastel green paper box.
If you purchase 8 pieces, the box is yours.
Great. So impressive then.
I got the entire box worth SGD30 if I recall correctly;
frankly speaking I am not that even impressed with its design.

They were not uniform in size,
albeit the nicely formed foot in the macarons(those ruffled edges around it)
the overall appearance was average. Most of my shells they gave me were cracked; the supposed to be  pretty brown flecks were off too.
You have the absolute  freedom to see my shots and be the judge.

Flavours I Bought:
Chocolate Yuzu
 Salted Caramel

For the taste, they seemed like they were not fresh and somehow frozen<?>
I was expecting them to be more chewy..
you know.. to be that chewy you would not even want to swallow them and let the taste linger inside your mouth for like forever?
They tasted like plain sugared cookies to me.
Where was that perfect unison of the macaron texture and flavor in one's mouth?

Fill me up with pies, doughnuts, tarts...
but this French sandwich cookies.No thank you.
I salute the French,
when they invented macarons, they sure do know what they're doing.
Filling are surely endless but I think the life of a macaron
depends on its shell and consistency.

I tell you, Le Mister did not even take a second bite haha!
So no choice I have to choke on them all by myself.

If there is any consolation to this;
the very next day I saw that there is about 1-2 pieces left.
I had my friends helped me to finish it but they too did not like it, hah!
Anyway, I tried tasting the Chocolate and it somehow turned to be okay.
Well I heard that macarons tastes better the next day.
The Salted Caramel was so so ; as well as the Vanilla.
Still want to call me a food snob with these macs?

Something was really wrong.
Did I just not experience the right thing or perhaps it's too overhyped?
Ladurée , where art thy macaron magic?

391 Orchard Road, Takashimaya Shopping Centre, 
Ngee Ann City, Level 1 & #02-09
6884 7361 |  10am – 9.30pm

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Laduree: Macaron  Where Art Thy Magic?







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