ZALORA Singapore Brings Back RIVER ISLAND.

I believe the London high street fashion label River Island (RI) made a hush exit around 2011 in Singapore. I never really knew until a friend told me a few months later that RI is not within an arm’s reach now. I used to buy from that brand, but not really regularly as I was more hooked on Topshop, Miss Selfridge and Dorothy Perkins during those years. Hold on, lemme recall on this further more. River Island sell mostly street style clothing, in other words.. they’re inclined within the zone of dressing for comfort. Just like those Hollywood celebrities, they usually sell what you see them wearing during their downtime; i.e. no shoot, grabbing a cup of coffee from Starbucks, supermarket days and the whatnot. Sigh, these celebs can wear the dirtiest looking tee and still rock it, looking fashionable still.

Well I think River Island clothing are really trendy, without being overly crazy in my opinion. Whenever I was around whizzing around the shops, no matter how hard I avoid checking this store out, I always failed. They do always give a good browse.  What deter me from buying from them? The pricing. Most people say their items are overpriced, but hey you’re payin’ up for British fashion baby.

They used to be always on the edge of every fashion trend, don a great selection of clothes, shoes and accessories. The brand is bound to have something for you to love. May be considered on the expensive side but quality can speak for itself. I can categorize them actually into two; it’s either you party up or dress down. Nothing more in between. I wish the brand would release more basic clothing though.

So the great news now is that they are finally back in Singapore! May not be physically with those built solid walls and countertops, but they will be available online. Thanks to ZALORA Singapore as they will be the exclusive online retailer for River Island. I have browsed the site and the RI collection a couple of days ago and their designs seemed to be more edgy now. Trend-led styles are still domineering the brand which spell out a positive vibe.  I noticed their women’s collection speaks of a louder femininity bound this time, something that we women would really like to have. This is indeed making the British high street fashion stronger. Remember character and clothes must bind, not clash.

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So to speak, you can check out the full collection at ZALORA SG
They deliver as fast as 2-3 working days with 30 days guaranteed free return.

River Island is now available online in Singapore here:
Shop now as the items are selling real fast!
For more information about River Island, go to







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