REVIEW: Bust Those Bad Puffy Eye Days. OLAY White Radiance CelLucent White Eye Roller.

Beauty Sleep. This sounds more like of a fairy tale now isn’t it? Really, whoever gets 8 and a half hour of sleep regularly? So what’s the next best thing I could use to still have that “You’ve gotten enough beauty sleep right,”? Eye creams. I can never ever express enough how hooked I am on eye creams. It was not a tasteful journey you see. Buying an eye cream and applying it to your delicate pair of eyes is not a gamble; I see it as a kitchen with too many cooks; whipping up a recipe for an apocalyptic survival. I seldom hear women use eye creams or serums or anything that may aid in taking care of their eyes. Admit it, most of us stop at moisturizing our skin (hello CTM skincare?); even I was lured to using facial serums on my eyes before. That's because I have given up looking for that perfect eye cream!

Anyway, let’s talk about eye care again. Here I would be sharing another product which claims to combat puffiness and discoloration as well as brightening the eyes. Not a cream but an eye roller. Did you fall into this hoopla before, the rollers and all that jazz? So far I have been hooked to a certain high-end brand of eye roller (will talk about that next time); and now I have been given the chance to try the OLAY White Radiance CelLucent White Eye Roller. Eye Rollers are gels or creams in applicators that come equipped with a device that is supposed to massage puffiness, dark circles /wrinkles away. Do you own any?

I use eye rollers for what?
I am a fan of tea bags (posted in on my Instagram the other day) and it really works to reduce the puffiness on my eyes which my eye cream does not deliver. But I developed a certain habit of having an eye roller inside my bag and I can easily give my eyes that certain boost anytime of the day.

Whenever we lack sleep, our eye muscles just do not rest sufficiently; leading to these muscles to not oxygenate properly and the vessels go POOF! What are your main concerns on your eyes by the way? Panda eyes? Puffiness? Discoloration? Lines or wrinkles perhaps? With us almost glued to our PC monitors 90% of the day, I tell you this type of eye rollers do help. The effect may not be a long-term fix but for times you need that immediate fresh look, then you need one of this at least.

OLAY White Radiance CelLucent White Eye Roller | R E V I E W
I used it for a good two weeks; AM & PM. I would not use the word refreshing; soothing is more apt for this product. Feels nice around the eyes; I could say that it alleviates my eyes puffiness. I only felt a slight cooling effect when I apply this; not as cold as I expect it to be. The thing I've loved about it is its easy absorption. Nope, not wet. And yes, not sticky and fragrance free too. No tightness and my eye area never itched a bit. Also one click is enough to dispense the product. The pen is relatively light; easy to grip between my fingers. Love the snap feature; no twisting! This is just like a normal pentel pen; not cumbersome to hold. What I do is turn it upside down (storage as well) before usage and shake it moderately. But then when I did not shake it; it still managed to dispense the formula evenly. One click is enough for one eye area. The formula is slightly milky in colour; but is completely transparent when applied.

Now it came to mind that I have not yet tried putting inside the fridge and see if there would be any other difference. Do not expect a magical puff-be-gone effect in a matter of seconds; mine takes around 5-10 minutes. I also noticed that my look is brightened; looked much more awake especially when I have too much intake of salt (PMSing!) this roller delivers if you want that instant perk me up look.

OLAY White Radiance CelLucent White Eye Roller is now available at
Watsons and Guardian stores in Singapore. Retail Price SGD24.90

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