HAUL: Betsey Johnson™ (An Accessory Haul from the Brave & Bold Cancer Survivor).

"Like red lipstick on the mouth, my products wake up and brighten and bring the wearer to life, drawing attention to her beauty and specialness, her moods and movements, her dreams and fantasies." -  Betsey Johnson™

Betsey Johnson is one designer I dream of meeting one day. I so dig and love her! The 70 year old fashion icon always caps off her famous runways shows with cartwheel and splits; she's burning with youthful and eclectic styles. I think my being eclectic when it comes to fashion and style came from this woman. Not literally to note. I find her vision and bravery of facing life's struggle (she is a breast cancer survivor and now a proud breast cancer awareness advocate at that) something that every woman should look up to as a huge influence and inspiration. I hope that when I reach her age I'll be as bubbly and high-spirited as her haha! Everything Betsey is just pure FUN.

So there I went NUTS and bought all these Betsey Johnson Accessories in one go. I am not so sure if the prices were a total rip-off but anyway I have been lemming for BJ's so I still went ahead with my shopping haha! Anyway I was superficially happy when I got them from the mail! 

Betsey Johnson™ Calista Love Charm Bracelet - SGD30
Betsey Johnson™  Gothic Trove Charm Necklace - SGD75 (or was this SGD65?)
Betsey Johnson™  A Carat Crystal Stud Earrings -  USD30 (approx SGD38)
(prices stated with best effort to recall*)

But hey, I checked out Macy's and still found the items I got on their website. Sorry but am not going to mention the online shop I got this set from. For the main reason that I was not plainly happy..with the after sales service. Not worth ranting but what matters most is that I was happy with the items, well-received and all were in pristine condition.

Add sparkle in shine in an instant. These glittering studs by Betsey Johnson feature round-cut Czech glass set in silver-tone mixed metal. Approximate diameter: 3/4 inch.

Betsey Johnson™ Calista Love Charm Bracelet 

I can't seem to find this exact model/style from Macy's. It's a charm bracelet, love the stretch feature so as it'd fit the wrist well. It's made of acrylic beads with the charms that I would really pick for myself. I do not want an overly made bracelet , so this is just perfect as they were assembled into one bracelet hehe. It has the red spider; cloverleaf with silver glitter; lip pencil and the cutest gold ruler with red hearts. The 3 black pearls (as I wanna call ' em that) were so light and that pewter heart, love!

Betsey just covered everything I wanted for in a charm from her own label. I love you Betsey!

This charm necklace heaps bling. It has that gold tone mix metal with crystals that only Betsey would know lol.  What made me got this was the colour...it's not exactly maroon IRL but I love the suede material! Plus, I think the shade is just right; complements well with the gold chain .

As you can see the charms are: black bow with turqoise/teal studs; deer;  a black chubby heart; a girl who's reading (?) and another gold heart with a lot of crystallized studs.

Betsey Johnson accents is like the Department of Cuteness noh?

Thanks for looking~







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