TRAVEL: [BALI Escape] Of Comic, Candle & Cuppacoffee.

If you have been a long time reader,
you would have known by now 
that I hate birthdays.
My birthday to be exact.
I'm not one to celebrate it.
Long & complicated story but it all started when the day came that I could never even tell
when exactly is my birthday.
Call it dementia, heck who cares? Not me for one.

And I found a partner who is one as well.
So what happens is ,
whenever the birthday of the other partner comes;
we wanna make it special,
if you get what I mean.

So anyway,
on the eve of my birthday 
for the sake of this long overdue post..
lemme share a bit of what happened.

Nothing exciting so don't give me that 
PFFT-face  of yours at the end aite?haha!
As soon as we got back to our hotel,
(bought dinner & meds from Discovery Mall)

KFC haha!
Their  KFC is much much better than KFC Singapore.

And our addiction to ROTI-O!
Coffee Bun YUM.

we went down for a while to check out the pool.
And sure sure a few outfit of the day shots were expected to roll.

Camhoe'd for a while....look at le hubs' face; not much of a change in every frame , lol

E & I spent an hour by the pool;
feelin' the night chill, we decided to go up and then 
haf our humble dinner so that I could also
take my meds asap and then....
perhaps call it a night already.

Love this Quest Hotel, it's so peaceful & quiet!

What I Wore

armswag that simply spells me.
cross, skull, denims n pearls, butterfly...mole not included*

My odm complicated  watch from the SPIN Collection:
There are 3 separately moving discs;
each disc has its own function: hour, minute & sec.
as per odm website:
Simply by making use of white silicon rubber and plastics to give different lustrous and matted effects, and matching to 3 distinctly black and white disc-shaped graduation dials which serve as hour-minute-second pointers, simplicity and delicacy can be fully expressed in the design.

The hour indicator is on the farthest right, so it takes a while getting used to..
 but I love it to bits !
When someone asks me for time, I purposely show this to them
 and let them be perplexed just by looking at it. #causeamameanie haha.

So what happened on the eve of my birthday?

What I Read

I had my coffee cup, a Yankee Tangerine Vanilla Aromatherapy Candle & an Archie Comics.

Not that E & I argued or anything..
I politely asked him this is what I wanted on this particular night.
He had no qualms about it;
instead respected what i had wanted.

So does this means someone is really getting old? 
But never too old to read Archie's right? haha!

What I Realized
I am one lucky BITCH.

Well, all my life I thought marriage would be an epidemic;
akin to forever.
Just the word forever unhinges my soul.
Then suddenly this man deftly came;
made me believe on this:
He only wanted to be with this one MAD woman to spend the rest of his life with.

"I'm sorry to break it to you,
but you're it."

Me: "One Mad Woman? Who, me?" 
Truth is,
 am far worse than being MAD.

I'm senile to think before 
that a relationship is just a stupid condom-free sex world;
I'm feeble minded to think before 
that it's innate of men to flirt , it's a camouflaged device to escape their responsibility,
I'm a muttonhead to think before 
that in life and love,
there is always those repeating patterns;
same sloppy kiss;
same passionate hug;
same bed;
same climax;
same climax on the same bed;
same soreness,
same bitterness.
I'm silly to think before 
that the synopsis of an ideal marriage is like slitting one's own throat;
Where's the work of GOD in that?
That after slitting yours,
you'd survive.
I did ... 
and I survived.
And as I thought that dreams always end;
my advice?
Let it end.
You always have another day....
to dream 
to love
to be hurt
and again
s u r v i v e 

I'm a living proof.
Happy..well belated happy birthday WICKERMOSS.
With all the blessings that came upon me
I have nothing else to wish for;
This ♥ can only sing thanks and praise for our Almighty Father.

What have you REALIZED lately?







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