TRAVEL: BALI Collective Clothing Haul ♡ H&M, Roxy, Mango, Forever21, Esprit, etc.

I did a quick (huh, whutt quick?!) albeit sick
collective clothing haul
while in BALI!

Do note the 'while'
as these stuff were from Singapore and
they ate all my space in the supposed to be a 
90 bucks baggage abhomination by AirAsia/Expedia.
still not over with that.
Almost paid for an excess baggage,
which NEVER happened to me in my entire existence on this planet earth.
I have not shelled out a single cent
when it comes to this excess baggage thingamajig
And for some reason,
they would ask me to pay that ripoff amount?!?
But hey,

Would you?

It's the rectitude of these companies;
or their people, staff, whatsover...
so do not judge me as just being frugal and all.

The only thing you could have done is at least inform your customers, not cheat them ?!
What's that, daylight robbery?

Anyway, back to my haulage.

in other words...
most [if not all]  of the items I brought along were bought for this trip.
Here they are:

Thanks to le hubs for taking these photos haha!
Nah, he helped me this night 'cause he saw me struggling (as you know I was sick)
and still trying to blog&vlog for my readers/viewers, hehe.
Sweet ain't he?
As always naman!

I got no idea on how he arranged them brand or by style?
Beats me.

I got tops/tees from
Mango & H&M;
you bet they're so nautical/stripes.
I can bear to buy pink as long as they come in stripes
 lame excuse huh? lol!

A basic Ivory coloured V-neck shirt from Forever21
and hubbie's clever to pair it with the denim distressed shorts;
also from Forever21.
He knows me well enough.
I love this foolproofforever pair here!

Denim stretchable shorts with studs which I randomly got from a kiosk in Orchard Central;
those who usually conduct like a bazaar fest in front of Cold Stone & Nautica...
plus a lacy black shorts;
I got the New Urban Male singlet that says:
SHAKE YOUR COCONUTS (by David&Goliath) 
from New Urban Male shop before they closed down in Cathay Cineleisure.
I showed this from a haul before and still haven't worn it since then haha.

A white babydoll tube top from ESPRIT;
which is perfect for Summer & any casual days as well;
darn, it's the same style as the pink MANGO top above hahaha!

An edc by Esprit Cargo Pants ;
that is indeed very versatile.
You have to watch my haul video on why it's versatile x
I love how Esprit makes this type of bottoms;
stylish and worth the price IMO, SGD99.90;
the buckle got me; not to mention that the
purple and white stitching on the belt was neatly done.
Sometimes it just does not have to be pretty;
it has to be neat.
May not be that precise, but hey...neat.

Beachwear haltered/singlet from
ROXY! One of my fave brands aside from Ripcurl hehe.

The combo of the robin egg blue, black and pink was love!
As for the pink one,
why did I get it?
I wanted to wear this when the day comes that I already know how to SURF;
and that will take ages hahah!

My fave set from the bunch!

 and this Ms. Piggy top by Muppets from H&M!

That is it. If you prefer to watch rather than read,
here's my haul vlog click!
Thanks for looking x







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