Guess who am working with again? Yes, it's Vanity Trove plus the July 2013 Box Reveal.

Hey everyone! Remember this? It was only last year that I became a Beauty Ambassador of Vanity Trove   Time flies so fast and now am working with them again. The Vanity Trove July Box 2o13 now unveiled and received. 

It now comes with a Vanity Mag, basically filled with tips n tricks, reviews and the whatnot. They have disposed the clutter of vouchers, which I believe we hate the most right. This is handy and it reduces the chance of forgetting to use them in the end. 

The Vanity Trove July Box 2o13

The box include not just deluxe samples but full-sized ones. 

Skin Inc Pure Trinity Cleansing Oil My Daily Dose (SGD$68/ 60ml) 

Three unique layers of pure active ingredients work in unison to gently remove traces of makeup and daily debris, while maintaining skin moisture levels and revitalizing skin in one fuss-free step. Contains skin-loving botanicals extracts including Japanese Cherry Tree, Artichoke Leaf and Saxifraga Sarmentosa for brighter and smoother skin.

Oh no, another cleansing oil. I'm really skeptical when it comes to cleansing oils; might have to check this one out as I have not tried any skincare product from SKINC. I have tried their hand lotion before link here!

Skin Inc  My Daily Dose Serum (SGD$12.90/ 30ml) 

At Skin Inc we believe skincare should be authentic, personalised, simple and fun. My Daily Dose is a bottle of personalized serum containing the ingredients which are essential to one’s concern, ingredients that can improve and enhance one’s complexion. 

This am excited to try! Anything Vitamin C...only for the skin yeah?  I like! haha.

Vichy Normaderm Deep Cleansing Purifying Gel (SGD$29 /200ml) 
Tri-Activ Moisturizer (SGD$39 / 50ml) 
Hyaluspot (SGD$29.90 / 15ml)

I have just reviewed the VICHY Deep Cleansing Foaming Cleanser here so this was a shocker. However upon closer look, I saw that this is the one am supposed to get, the GEL! Woohoo. And I have heard reviews that the Hyaluspot is really good in healing acne; so really must use this especially during my PMS shiznits haha.

Avance Dou Demaquillant Super Eye Makeup Remover (SGD$28.90)

An eye makeup remover suitable for waterproof makeup.  Avance is a Japanese drugstore brand;  contains chamomile flower extract and trehalose to soothe and moisturize. 

I have not tried anything from AVANCE as well; liking the blue bottle tho. Similar to Maybelline's and Cyber Colors?

Jane Iredale The Skincare Makeup 
Just Kissed Lip & Cheek Stain (SGD$47) 
Lip Drink (SGD$21) 
Amazing Base Loose Powder (SGD$79) 
Mineral BB Cream (SGD$78) 

Err, everything is new! That means more risks for my skin..but then again a higher chance of acquiring new products to love. All I know is that Jane Iredale started since 1994 in US and didn't know it has now conquered SG as well. Those cute lipstick deluxe samples!  i like the smell as well; too cute to eat uhm use.

Other products include:
Herborist Whitening & Revitalizing Mask Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water Gel

Which of these items you suggest  I try first? Thank you Vanity Trove. Now I am looking forward to that customized ones that they have recently released.

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Thanks for looking!







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