REVIEW: Mentholatum Deep Moist.

Housed in a slim royal blue tube with floral prints...plainly beautiful in its own right. Just as the Singapore weather is turning crazier everyday, this is great for weather changes.... especially when your lips dry out. Good base for any lip product as it gives a matte/non-glossy finish. When I first applied this one, it caked up on my lower lips. Yes, a lil bit. But swiped on like buttah.

The oval-shaped balm makes it easier to apply, one swipe and you're done. It fits well the corners of my mouth ..and maybe fits well inside your purse too? Purse or pocket, no problem. It's blaaardy thin! Even thinner than my cigarette lighter.

No tingling sensation here ladies, it's unscented and would keep your lips hydrated for hours. How I wish this has a bit of an SPF to keep the lips a lot healthier. Have to reapply this often though, like every 2-3 hours or so. 

Deep Moist was launched in 2008 in Japan and has seen tremendous success and popularity there. It quickly became top selling lip balms in Japan’s lip care market.   This strengthened Mentholatum Lip Balm Brand leadership as the #1 Top Selling Lip Balm brand in Japan* (2006 to 2009).   

The success of Deep Moist is due to 2 main factors, its premium hydrating ingredients at value pricing, and its elegant, ergonomic packaging design.  
a. The key moisturizing ingredients in Deep Moist lip balms are:

  • Hyaluronic Acid, a premium ingredient that forms a smooth, moisture locking shield for softer, smoother lips.  It can hold 1000X its weight in water, or 6 litres of water with just 1g.
  • Shea Butter heals the skin, and gives a soft, pleasant texture to the lip balm.  
  • Jojoba Oil gives pro-longed, whole day hydration to the lips.
b. The Deep Moist lip balm comes in an innovative oval-shaped container design that fits the corner of the mouth well and makes it easy to apply with a single swipe. A Japanese consumer commented, “This oval-shaped design fits the corner of my mouth so well that the Deep Moist lip balm can be applied easily without affecting the foundation near my mouth.”

Uh-oh. I hate this type of twist mechanism. For some reason, this does not work for me. I tend to spoil this container tubes in a span of a week or two...may it be a lipstick, lip balm and the whatnot.  

And oh...this is great for men too! It's non-glossy so your guy would not hesitate to try this on...more kisses for the both of you sweethearts

Mentholatum Deep Moist is available at Watson’s for S$7.90







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