REVIEW: BURBERRY Lip Velvet Long Lasting Matte Lipsticks [Swatches & Photos]

No more intro sorry!

Burberry Lip Velvet Long Lasting Matte Lipsticks

Straight to the point pro's:
Creamy and Comfortable.
(not-s0) matte but they last.

Don't get me wrong, the not-so matte leans on the positive side still.

This lipstick won't sap out the moisture from your lips;
but since when I want my matte "MATTE"
this doesn't fit the bill.

But if you wanted a matte lipstick that would still make your lips

comfy with colour,
by all means grab at least 1 tube!

The colors as I have noticed
has this tinge of brown undertone to it 
(wrinkles a my nose a lil bit with that); 
loved the packaging tho... 
a matte pewter/jet grey coloured casing 
and still with that iconic Burberry pattern. 
Unlike the Lip Mist and Lip Cover's shiny tubes, 
this one attractS no fingerprints.

I had a few shades roadtested prior to the 

I recall the Burberry peeps told me during this 
that the matte range is coming out on Dec....
and yes it came out on time.

When I laid my eyes on these 12 babies,
I had the thumpety thump thump  for one tube...
yes just one tube.

Pink Azalea No. 308
and the more I fell in love when I tried it on my lips.

Color was just the epitome of that pinky-red shade.
Then they told me it was actually the shade 
Cara Delevingne, Burberry Beauty Ambasssador wore here:


but wait, it can't be..
so when I reached home I researched ;
found out that she also paired it with a plum lip pencil.


anyway going back to the velvets....
as mentioned I have tried Bright Poppy on my lips...
and checked how many necks would get strained from women 
who would wonder what shade's stamped on my lips.

I got about more than 8?
with the exception of a lady who even followed me with a gaze...
while we were taking the escalator...
opposite sides

so just imagine that lol!

My TOP 3 Picks 

Pink Azalea 308
Bright Poppy 311
Military Red 310

Pink Azalea 308

Bright Poppy 311

Military Red 310

Yes you read it right! The red is at the bottom list.
I was having high hopes this would surpass my HG red lippie, but no.
I am yearning for more of that true red vibe to it.

The Pink Azalea wins for me.
When I saw it, it is as if telling me
"I am so yours, take me home..yes?"

For Bright Poppy, it's a magenta plum;
a fun color to own but if you have a MAC Rebel already,
give this a pass.

Another product to check out is the 
Burberry Velvet Foundation...
I still have my Burberry Sheer Glow Foundation so I did not
check this out further;
besides I already expressed my 1st impressions of it here.

Bright Poppy on yours truly's

Going back to the counter soon and the me is keen on trying out this Hawthorne Berry..
I have applied Pink Azalea on my lips before and holy camoly
my lemming  oh lemming lemming lemming!
remains as a lemming lol

I am seriously thinking if I need it as I am on hunt for that perfect 
pinky red tube!

I got  a different shade of the velvet lipstick....share soon guys! x

Thanks to the folks of Burberry Beauty Orchard at Tangs as well as
to my sweet babe Yuki and Mindy 

Swatches below do not reflect 301 Pink Apricot... 
i forgot to ask its whereabouts & try to have an update on that.

Watch my vid clip to see more of these lippies here clickety click click!
and also see how I smudged myself, my accessories, my cam, heck no care 
for the lve of blogging and sharing these wonderful colours with you guys!
tissue please? 

 Burberry Lip Velvet Long Lasting Matte Lipsticks

 Available at Tangs Burberry counter at SGD43/each

They already treat me as a family so this counter is already my second home, if it ain't obvious enough  HAHA!

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