The last Easter Sunday was spent hunting for the Best Eggs Benedict in Singapore. Aside to it being E's favorite breakfast, I heard of this place called epicurious nestled along Robertson Quay, just at the foot of the Alkaff Bridge. Easy to spot-on!

It offers a delicious, sit-down Sunday brunch with adventurous eggs, fluffy pancakes, and many other delicious items.

The service, portioning, and a wide array of food and drinks, combine with a comfortable atmosphere, amounts to Epicurious as the perfect spot to nurse a hangover with friends or grab brunch after a morning run. Expect to see a lot of families & expatriates who stay around the Robertson vicinity. The place may spell the word cozy because of the relaxed setting and the alfresco area but still I find it a bit crammed.

They claim to serve casual and comfort food but being voted as the Best Breakfast Spot in SG by Time Out Singapore, this place has got to have something up its sleeves. So without further ado, we ordered the Steak & Eggs and not missing the infamous Eggs Benedict. 

Considering it was a weekend, the waiting time for our food to arrive was rather impressive. But then when I saw the dishes laid to our table, the reason why it was served in a jiffy was apparent. There were a few hit and misses on our first dining experience at Epicurious.

Since E's target was the Benedict, I opted for the Steak&Eggs instead..sharing is caring right E?!

Look at ze happy boy's face! Just look at how good their EB's are!

English muffins with ham on English muffin and 2 poached eggs, topped with hollandaise sauce, comes with a slice of seasonal fruit.

One of my favourite breakfast items happens to be Eggs Benedict as well, so I really had high hopes that this one would not disappoint. I believe that the Hollandaise sauce can make or break any Eggs Benedict dish. The eggs were slathered with a rich Hollandaise sauce, on a bed of English muffin and a skirt of ham, more of an open-faced morning egg sandwich.

Doesn't really looked that appetizing to me when served, but when you just concentrate on the EGGS?! my, my, the EGGS! 

Well hello there Mr. Mighty Ben! Ain't he just a handsome BEN?     

The hollandaise sauce was pleasantly buttery and has that delicious but no over powering lemony taste. I would have wished that the consistency was slightly thicker. The home made potatoes though looked burnt from its exterior, surprisingly tasted unique, with a hint of herbs and spices pirouette dancing in my mouth.

These are tasty poached eggs, well seasoned indeed, just like the thin slice of ham sweetly embracing it. Egg was not hot when served but it was runny and it’s a perfect complement to the home made potatoes nonetheless. I brushed my averagely-toasted muffins with the yolk and it tasted just as nice. But after all the brushing and soaking, the muffins were tad too soft. I still prefer my muffins to have that stubborn crust all along.


Two eggs, grilled sirloin steak, with home made potatoes and a slice of seasonal fruit

Since the queue never ebbed and we’re on a rush, I did not ask for my eggs to be replaced anymore. But there they were, smashed and as if asking for their dear lives to be spared some more. It was the exact opposite of our Eggs Benedict isn’t it? I had a single bite of the bread and from the looks of it, you bet it was hard. I turned to the steaks and luckily, though this dish looked extremely simple, the steaks redeemed the glory of this dish.It hit my taste buds with its salty and savoury taste, like a much anticipated massage after a long stressful work week. It may not have that crunchy or blackened crust yet it was tender and soft. The homemade potatoes tasted just as good as the ones served on the Eggs Benedict.
the home made potatoes were delish too!

I asked the server to serve me any coffee drinks as long as it's iced, no lattes, no fraps.

wickeRmoss: What's a nice coffee drink?
Guy server: Flat white.
wow. straight. flat. answer.

Took a sip and it became my instant fave. It's a break from the monotonous fraps from Starbucks...uber NICE!

Overall, it was still a satisfying dining experience. The food is reasonably priced, service is average and you get a nice cool view of the Singapore River while enjoying your food. Be warned of the queue though or reserve in advance to avoid disappointment. 

What's yer favo brekky?

60 Robertson Quay, 01-02 The Quayside 

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