EVENTS: All Pumped Up for The Vow & Vanity Trove this March!

Are you a Notebook lover? Referrin' to the flick of course:) I think my fingers & toes won't suffice on how many times I've been nudged by that Sparks' creation. Gosling & McAdams, these lovebirds are like a light switch: they’re on, they’re off, they’re on, they’re off. Well, one thing's obvious, they truly make the best chemistry. McAdams has been paired recently with another hunk, Channing Tatum, a lot were waiting in agony for the film (The Vow) to be released...and Victoria Tan is making this more exciting for all of you. Victoria of Vanity Trove, that is:)

This shan't be a movie review, as I myself haven't watched it yet. The good news? Vanity Trove wouldn't miss bringing you this right? Remember...beautiful surprises?! Time for a spring mix this March! Vanity Trove is bringing you not one, but two beautiful stories this March, as beautiful as the movie, "The Vow". 

Would you choose to "Go for Glow?" or "Brighten Up? " 

Trove 1: Go for glow
Vanity Trove will bring you an exclusive & fun mix this March. They have curated 2 types of trove, focused and tailored to your different beauty needs. Think of SK-II or Kose, another Japan multiple award-winning skincare brand is what am talking about...and did I mention it's exclusive?:)

Trove 2: Brighten Up!

Time to lay low on that dark or smokey look makeup and welcome Spring! It's all about bright colours and brighter skin. This is gonna be a fun mix of beauty basics ladies:)

I wish Channing Tatum would come as a bonus in the trove for you ladies haha! or better yet, if he can deliver the troves to your doorstep... you'll be one lucky thung!:)

If I were you, get both troves for double fun treats this month! It will earn you 10 Vanity Trove credits (redeemable for future troves).. so it's as good as $10 back to you! :)

The Vow would be the 3rd bonus it seems! Vanity Trove is  getting some people to be given tickets to catch "The Vow", starting Channing Tatum and Rachel McAdams!

Remember that subscription for this month ends on 14th of March ladies! :) Pop on to  Vanity Trove's website & sign up for those troves before it runs out.

Will I see you at the movies? Let's share some popcorn alrite? Mix of BBQ, Sour Cream & Cheese for me please!:) xoxo

I can't help but guess which products would make it to the upcoming troves this month. Hmmm, let's see and I'll take a few wild guesses! Since the keyword is beauty basics,  I have 3 top answers:  A sunscreen, primer &  concealer? That is, if the CTM method (Cleanse, Tone & Moisturize) has been taken into consideration already, yay! Any guesses on your side ladies?:)







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