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Believe it or not, we did not eat nor pig out that much when we were in Sagada. But still! I will share with you the food spots in which you have to check out when you reach this ah-mazing place. I think it's a sin to skimp on food when you're here!

Salt & Pepper Diner

Starting the day right, we made our first stop to grab our breakfast at Salt & Pepper Diner. After being on the road for almost 12 hours, we were almost starving! It was 0900H when we spotted this. The place is located just a stone throw away from the Residential Lodge. 

You will have to climb a short flight of stairs to get here. It ain't hard to find as this is one famous spot to eat at Sagada. 

This place turned the freezing cold morning to a warm and cozy ambiance.

From what I heard, they are known for their breakfast as the place is always packed, especially in the morning. We were lucky that we nabbed the last table and it was like we're in a cozy living room or somethin. 

We fooled around just a bit while waiting for our food to arrive.

Wondered who owns that lil blue booties, so cute!

Alas, our orders arrived. 
I had Ping-i’s Delight  PorkTocino + sunny side up egg + garlic rice (Php120)

E had Bisled’s Choice Beef Tapa + sunny side-up  egg + garlic race (Php150).  
This is one TAPSILOG Sagada-style!

I dunno if we were just too hungry but their dishes tasted really great. Though servings were limited, it satisfied our growling tummies. The added bonus was the coffee served to us. Sagada coffee really woke all my senses up!

Saw this cool & abandoned(? )vehicle outside Salt&Pepper. Shamrooockkk!

Something Sagada

Wokeiii, that isn't exactly the name of the resto we ate at after our grueling caving adventure. I forgot to get hold of the name, but but but! It's quite easy to spot.  The place is located beside the one and only mini souvenir cum mini mall beside the Ganduyan Museum. Look for this sign and you have reached this specific resto fo sho:) Despite our hunger after that 6-hour caving, we still managed to roam around the mini mall to check out which stall serves the most enticing dishes. 

Before eating, we still had our hair shampooed and blow dried haha! We just cannot wait for us to reach our cabin and wash up ...the thought of those bat poop inside the cave was just blah. No choice! So there, lol. That freshened us up even a bit before dinner, yay.

When we reached the food eatery, here is what I heard from the counter:

E: Ate, magkano po isang ulam?Ate: Bawat ulam may kasama ng rice.E: Sige po.. pa-order 1 fried tilapia, 2 pcs fried chicken, and 1 paksiw na pata.Ate: Lahat 'yun may rice? E: Opo.Ate: Ilan ba kayo, apat?E: Hindi po, 2 lang.Ate: Ahhh, okay.

Then the nice ate looked at our table as if really checking if we were only 2 LOL. Talking about PG aka patay-gutom! Then papa E said, "Ate, kakatapos lang po kasi naman mag-caving."

This gotta be the most delish meal I have ever tasted haha! Seemed like we were starved for almost 5 days inside the cave!

Paksiw na Pata

Sagada is so generous in serving veggies, lavet.

Fried Tilapia, crruunnccchhhyyy!

After this, we headed to the Yoghurt House for some desserts but..

They say this is another must try food spot so there is no way we are not eating here.

Salt & Pepper Diner
Sagada, Mountain Province
(0908) 177-4972

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