EVENTS: Stanley Chi is on a Roll: Get your copy of the Suplado Tips now.

Intimidating. Spine-chilling. Snobbish aka Suplado. Why do most men sometimes pretend they are suplado? Does that make them think that they appeal more to women? I have no idea, do you? Who the hell gave them that friggin' idea?!

Until an ex-colleague told me to get this book, Suplado Tips. My first question was, written by who? Stanley Chi, she replied. Stanley writes now? Interesting. I have known him before to be an  observational comedian, cartoonist and a graphics master. My memory tells me that this man was best known for his Manila Bulletin-based comicstrip, "Chopsticks,". With that he has gained an underground mob following because of his unique comedic whack.

I wasn't surprised if the book was Stanley's, as if his true passion calls for writing, he certainly did an excellent job. The Suplado Tips book claimed to tell us everything we need to get by in life. But wait, by what, by being suplado? As the book only costed me Php95, (my Starbucks Caramel Macchiato is even more expensive eh?) I gave in reading. Truth be told, I was expecting a slapstick kind of content material. But to my surrpise, I actually had a good time digesting what was really incorporated into this Stanley's newest brainchild.

"I toyed with the idea that being cocky can be a means of getting what you want – or at least a way to delude yourself that you already have everything in the first place," Stanley once shared on how this book was brought about. From the social media to a hardbound copy, am I glad this was made. I heard it did pretty well. I have to be honest that I underestimated it but it gave me one absolute moral lesson. No, the book does not literally teaches one how to be suplado, literally but it changes an individual's outlook in life by learning how to deal with every relationship. The book is comparable to a buffet, with an appetizer down to the desserts. Goofy, humurous, hilarious yet very informative. This is one book you won't leave lying on your floor, this is a material you can pass on and share to your friends and have a taste of good ol' laughter.

I would not want to spoil anyone's mood in case you haven't get hold of this. Believe you me, this is not an ordinary book, it got sense with a dash of a hearty chuckle. Truly, Suplado is the new sexy!

Stanley Chi with Ramon Bautista. This doesn't happen everyday, so grab a copy now!

Oh well, I still can't help but share my favorite tip which is Suplado Tip #80: Kung may inuutos sayo ang Boss mo pero kaya naman niyang gawin yun, hiritan mo ng ..."Ano nalang mangyayari sayo kung wala ako"?

This one's for the books! It might be funny to hear but come to decipher it's actual message. Bosses should appreciate their workers more, agree? They are the  backbone of one's company.

Now I think Stanley Chi is on a roll. He has just joined the ranks of Sam Milby and Iya Villania as ambassadors of Unisilver Time. The Suplado author rockin the Suplado watch. I didn't know also that they have released watches as they were stereotyped as an all jewellery shop. Way to go Unisilver!

Did I say he's on a roll? No one can stop him it seems as he will be the host of this newest internet radio show, The Suplado Show! Be sure to tune in on Dig Radio (formerly NU107) on 

Suplado Tips is now available online through and may also be purchased from all National Bookstore and Fully Booked outlets nationwide. The book sells for only Php95 pesos. Check out the Suplado Show on Facebook!







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