PROMO ALERT: Share your morning good vibes with DOLE Phils. Banana Morning Motto

Do you skip breakfast? Most people do because they don't feel they need to eat breakfast, or like me who don't really feel hungry first thing in the morning. At times that we are lazy to prepare our own breakfast , there is a quick alternative that delivers a lot of health benefits. Mr. Banana man is here to save the day. We all need something to boost our metabolism to keep us going throughout the whole day right? A banana can do that for you, they fill you up! Try eating bananas instead of your normal cereals and you can actually feel the difference that banana can help you sustain your hunger for a few more hours.

Eating bananas in the morning boosts up your energy and brainpower, can eliminate your mood swings as well and will help you avoid overeating in the later part of the day. Not to mention that banana is rich in fiber, for proper digestion and potassium to keep our hearts healthy. Bananas contain natural sugar ingredients that can give instant energy boost that's why. Bananas improve skin complexion as well.

I started religiously consuming bananas about two weeks ago, found that they really help to improve my skin complexion.Hmmm remember the old joke that no monkey have pimples on their faces? LOL. They have anti-aging properties and is used for facial masks.
Bananas are not really hard to find right? This commonplace fruit is just everywhere, even 24/7 convenient stores so there is no real excuse not to have our daily banana dose. They're easy to eat and is so easy to take on the go.

Have a love affair with bananas? If no, DOLE Philippines gives you this great news! With their newest campaign of delivering positive mornings, they launched the BANANA MORNING Motto Promo.

  1.  Like the Dole Fresh Philippines fan page in Facebook.
  2. Click on the Banana Morning Motto Application on the left tab of the page. 
  3. Simply upload a photo of your morning motto written on a DOLE Cavendish Banana
  4. Share it with your friends to get votes to increase your chances of winning.

For any questions, you can check out the Frequently Asked Questions section on the Facebook page.

It was fun writing my own banana morning motto before I had my banana fix. I have uploaded mine via this link and you can show some love too by liking it at the Banana Morning Gallery, check out all the other interesting entries there!

Hurry and grab DOLE® Cavendish Bananas and inspire others by uploading your Banana Morning Motto and voting for the best motto that you like. These DOLE Bananas are gone before you know it. The 7/11 SA even told me that their stocks are already out for the first few hours in the morning and he was wondering why. I told him about DOLE's ongoing promo and said that he would buy one the first thing in the morning. Now I have become a banana lover turned promoter eh? Nice 

The contest runs until 4th of September 2011 and every winner (1 every week) will win amazing prizes – either an Executive Massage gift certificate from The Spa or FREE 10 sessions of Zumba Classes. 

Per DTI-NCR Permit #5769  . Series of 2011.

What's your banana morning motto? Be a banana lover now and join this exciting promo! 







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