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Shoppers undeniably dote the sound of retail therapy. But if my retail therapy is adorned with having to wail because of the unbearable traffic jam and exaggerated long queues (SALE periods!), then I’d rather ditch that. My alternative? What else, but online shopping. Ever since I had the chance of meeting up with my brother in-law who do buying and selling of secondhand cars , I was glued to my chair. With me being sceptic, as I said that the site sounds typical, he proved me wrong. Browse and see for yourself first. I took the challenge then. Since I aim for comfort but still very particular with the quality of stuff I purchase, I think online innovations like this deserves more credit. Notice the salakot in the logo? Don't underestimate that, don't you think it stands out as it depicts uniquely Filipino? 

I have always doubt myself if I will come to the day that I’d have faith in buy and sale online sites. I had a sigh of relief that my never ending search for one of the best e-commerce site in the Philippines has come to an end. Online selling is the low risk, easy, efficient way to sell. For shoppers like me, it is the ideal way to buy (fast, convenient, reliable, endless variety, and cheaper). I believe that's how it should be, buying and selling is a two-way street. An online shop must master a niche so that the consumers doesn't just happen to 'pass-by' your site., founded in 2009 is a huge search engine for people who want to buy stuff, from cars, gadgets, houses, jobs, even pets with just a click of a mouse. They also serves as a host for free posting of ads. It may be  like an ordinary online classified ads, but there were commendable factors that makes it elevate from the others. Convenience and safety wise, read on why:

  • Once you click on, the clean interface is already a plus. The elaborated regional clustering feature will help you save time to be informed where the products are particularly sold at. I can even pick the item up if it's near my place. Saves me shipping fee and lessens out the waiting time as well.
  • 24/7 available. Don't you just hate it when you urgently need to shop and the site says, "We're offline right now"? allows you to shop anytime you want and when you're available! My spare desktop got busted a few days back and it was such a breeze to see that they have an on-call computer technician that can even do service out of town. Simply awesome.
  • UTI. Not the virus definitely. User-friendly, Trusted and Interactive. Sounds like a mobile phone ad but it's true. Aside from the fact that it's clean, no pesky ads popping from left to right (virus/scam free!). They only have moderated ads and is very interactive as it's fast, easy, trusted and reliable.
  • Lower and great deals. How to know if you really got a steal? I was able to compare the prices online versus the selling retail prices on shops itself. One must remember that they do not have to sustain manpower or even pay for rentals like those in malls, so here they offer the lower deals. 

from cars, cooking equipment, mobile phone, laptop..
even the japanese spitz there is so tempting to buy!
this page certainly spells me. 
Another interesting part of this site is that they allow us to buy and sell through the localities or regions in our country. How about security wise? contains its own internal measure to prevent scam. I have personally tried posting an ad and they're strict. Getting into the details of each ad they receive, which I see as rather impressive. That just goes to show how they want their site to maintain a covetable reputation.

Filipinos flair for this technology is truly exemplary. This site has made a niche and is now on a roll. It's even on the 95% level of convincing me to resolve my coding-day angst. In Manila, it would be so much better if you have a spare car so I started to research for handful tips on how to buy used cars . I can say that I am almost getting the 5%. Thank heavens to this powerful site.

In the end, no matter how promising this site may seem, it still is vital for you to make a straight-forward deal. Buy and sell wisely! This will definitely be beneficial to your time management, but enhances you as an individual to be more productive and wise. Highly suggest you try this too if you want to sell fast or buy in an instant. Smart finding will never fail you.

Do you find their features appealing? Because I do. Just the way I want an online shopping site to be. I don't have to keep on pumping my gas as well, whew.







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