EATS: Casa Xocolat.

I'm always enthralled to hear the word 'casa'. So exquisite, so español! So when I got invited to try Casa Xocolat, I did not have second thoughts at all. Besides, who can say no to chocolates? There’s nothing like a choco-fix to tickle our taste buds, boost our energy and rescue us from the doldrums. Furthermore, rainy bed weather days are here in this side of the globe, a cup of hot chocolate is the ultimate comfort rescue drink. 

It was a little difficult to locate this as it was partly hidden on the side streets of Katipunan. As expected, it being near Ateneo, students mostly flock this establishment. The only landmark that was relayed to me is that it is near Citibank and Bo's Coffee along Katipunan. Just look for these establishments and you'll never get lost.
decors are for sale too! how cool is that.

am a caffeine-holic can?

did I say antique ? Love the place indeed!

At first glance, the place stayed true to its name. Hella it was a casa!  I have found out that the antique 60's house was rented by its owners and is transformed into a charming lil resto. Warm and homey ambiance, besides I love antiques! This place gives you the break from the normal coffee shops such as Starbucks or even the Mc Cafes. You can opt to dine inside and snug with your special someone on their comfy couches or at the alfresco area if you want to feel the chill of some cold air. They have free wi-fi of course!

Casa Xocolat is a cafe that specializes in—well—you guessed it: chocolate. So to break free from that norm, we settled for their main course. You can actually admire them for having chocolate-inspired dishes. To me it's such a challenge that if you incorporate chocolates into main entrees, it's either you make it or break it. Chocolates are stubborn! With desserts they're manageable, but other than that, it takes talent.. it's like the chocolates are PMS-ing or something.

Live and Let mantra.

someone's excited to eat.

Tender pork belly with cacao bagoong sauce + potato gratin + fried seaweed
For the main course, we settled for the tender-baked pork belly with potato gratin and cacao-bagoong sauce. Isn't the sauce itself is already intriguing?? Chocolate and shrimp paste combined?!  The pork belly was undeniably tender topped off with the divine taste of the sauce. It seems like the chocolate has tamed the fierceness of the bagoong, but in return the bagoong takes its revenge and shouts, "I prevail"! Never ending battle, never ending divine taste. So when I thought I died when I tasted that, I was wrong. I chewed on the crunchiest seaweed I have ever tasted in my entire life and the rest is history. Yes, I forgot my name after that. Unexplainably awesomeness goodness! Exaggerated per se?! Try it before you judge this review. I even told papa E that I can just order this seaweed and a cup of rice and am good. I swear I am gonna squeeze the recipe out of the chef’s mind. Walang secret secret!! The potato gratin is also not to be ignored. Very rich and creamy, with a mild butter and garlic taste. The toasted portion is the best part, I also thought of it more as a puree... melts in my mouth. Prices may be steep but definitely worth the price. I don't mind paying for more if my palate is overly satisfied.

The Cream Dory and the sauce are absolutely delicious too. The fish was soft when chewed, but definitely not undercooked. The mashed potato complemented the dish very well; the burnt top gave it a nice glaze, almost like a crème brulee.
Cream fish dory

We did not order any desserts as my throat is in a very bad condition but from what I have heard, it's something not to be missed. I've earmarked this one and it is now on my must-sees every week. Casa Xocolat will definitely see more of us say like, every other day? Ho ho.

those are hanging painted lamps

Casa Xocolat, 172 B.Gonzales St., Loyola Heights Quezon City







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