EATS: PRIVE at Marina Keppel Bay

Ships are the nearest thing to dreams that hands have ever made ~Robert N. Rose

Prive. Undeniably my holy grail haven in the Lion City.

Prive boasts of an actual fine dining setting and a bakery cafe. I will have to post up a separate review for the bakery cafe, as they deserve it too!

On this day, I was there for 2 things. Dine at the Prive Restaurant itself, and try-out the SG Yacht. Yes, the yacht. I think almost everyone would love to try and experience cruisin' huh. 

I really won't make so much flabbing on the fine dining experience I had. It was just the average as well as the food. Prices are steep for a full course meal, and I would still stick to my ever favo buffet at Ritz-Carlton than spend a few hundred bucks here.

But so just to share, here is what we had during the full-meal course.

Veal. Look at how pink it is!

Quail. I asked for the foie gras to be served separately..and as it being my favo, 
it was gone in 60 seconds lol.

This probably has the nicest place to chill and have a laid-back weekend morning. I really frequent this place, think 3x a week! It's like a spa for me, all the stress and toxic I get from work are all swept away when I am here. Indeed very serene, as if you are not in Singapore at all. It's perched on a private island called Marina Bay Keppel, a cable-stayed bridge away from the hustle and bustle of Singapore, they also offer a stunning view of the placid wharf with docked yachts dotting all over the little port. 

I love the bar area. Pink and checkered.

Hmmn, still dreams of renting a condo unit here. Last time I checked, lowest rental was $5k/month. For a studio unit, I'll be broke in no time at all hahaha!

my LOTD. Me wearing pumps was insane!
Going to this place requires a lotta walking but I guess I was already used to it.

Then we headed to check which yacht to adopt for that day.

choice # 1 : Marquis...farkin' $3K per 4hrs! No Way ....pass.

choice # 2: Hidden Treasure... looks a bit oldie tho. so true to its name hahas.

choice # 3: Albatross... errr, this one's too small.

i wanted to faint with the rates already *fans self*

and the winner is.....!

our baby for 4 hours.


where there's stairs, there's camwhorin. pfftt.

God's Ever Beautiful Creations...the sun, the water, the clouds....

Once again, mission accomplished.

Any place you know of that boasts gorgeous yachts like these as well? Share







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