REVIEW: SaSa SUKI Herbal Nail Remover

The nails in your hands
The nail in your feet,
they tell me how much you love me
The thorns in your brow,
they tell me how, you bore so much pain to love me.
~MercyMe, The Nails In Your Hands

Notice anything strange with this photo?

If you have guessed the LABEL, then maybe you're right. But then again, you're wrong.

What is it?
SUKI Herbal Nail Remover by SaSa

I love Sasa.
I mean it this time.
I am not fond of this store before but during the last year I managed to have interesting finds from this kikaystore. I always go to Plaza Singapura branch as I feel that they have the most staff who are really equipped with ample product knowledge.

Sasa is a mini version of the beauty hall of ck Tangs and Robinsons. They also carry the most glorious brands like SKII, Elizabeth Arden to HDB tai tai's brand.
The beauty of SASA is that they offer branded beauty products at value for money prices. I noticed that their prices are much lower than what i can get at the Changi duty free shop. You can buy not one but various brands of 100ml fragrances for as low as $50 during storewide sales.You will be pampered for choices when you are there... Check this out when you happen to visit SG.

Sasa carries the SUKI brand and as soon as I laid my eyes on this pretty lil thing, I just have to grab it.

Pretty in Pink Nail Remover. It is just so dainty. As for the product name itself...yeaps, you read it right. There is nothing wrong with the name though.   The bottle says 'nail remover' but don't worry it doesn't actually take your nail off, lol)

Product Description
Suki Herbal Nail Remover can remove nail polish quickly and effectively.

Smells Goooood!
This smells WAY WAY better than other nail polish removers.


Unsure but definitely <$10

Geishcharles (X)perience:

I was about to pick up my regular Sally Hansen Nail Polish Remover when the SaSa staff told me to try this. I said, "Herbal? Hmmn, so what if it is herbal then?" (though am already  giggling with how cute the packaging is haha!) Then I checked the ingredients.

Acetone, Fragrance, Water, Mineral Oil.

She gave me a sly look then answered, 
"Doesn't need much of explaining, it's more natural..
though it has acetone it also has mineral oil 
so it doesn't just remove polish but removes dirt and can moisturize as well"
Ouh, tooorrroooyyyy! 
It's like a beauty pageant Q&A hahas.
Mineral oil sounds good to me, similar to aloe and lanolin, at least there is something to balance its formulation. Besides they have to have chemicals to do its job. Up to date, acetone has not been proven to be hazardous to our health in limited quantities.

I believe this is is in Rosy. They also have another one online which is in green (Jasmine).

And so after I used it, my smile is from ear to ear!

I love this nail polish remover! It is one of the best I've tried and I haven't found anything that can replace it-yet. With this remover, a little goes a long way. I was able to remove all the nail polishes off my hands with only 2 cotton balls. No rubbings necessary. Just place the cotton ball on the nail and slip it off..voila.

Works really well, polish dissolves easily & the lack of that really strong alcohol smell is definitely a plus.

Zilch. Though if you use a nail polish remover for like almost every week, then try to steer clear from acetone-based nail polish remover.

TnTs: (Tips n Tricks) 
This method works for me but it doesn't mean that it will work for you too. 
Remember to be a responsible product user, all the time.

I apply polish remover before doing my nails even if I don't need to remove any old polish, it prepares the nails by removing any oil so that your polish will last longer and adhere better.
We are all so particular when we choose our nail polish shades, let us put the same effort in choosing the right nail polish remover as well.







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