REVIEW: CLINIQUE Total Turnaround Visible Skin Renewer

I had been gullible, naive, soft, pliable. 
That's why I got taken advantage of. 
To survive, you have to have a tough skin. 
~ Tia Carrere

I already have a long-term relationship with Clinique. Coming over to a decade already and I must say, I am indeed lucky that most of their products works for me. Sad news is, it doesn't apply to everyone.

Yes, Clinique is pricey. But the product really lasts for very long as you only need a little dab. I stopped using their 3-step skincare eversince I got based in SG..blame my itchy hands. But this is one product that I managed to stick to.

What is it?
Total Turnaround Visible Skin Renewer by Clinique.

What it claims:

    Light, skin-renewing exfoliating cream instantly reveals livelier, more even-toned, less-lined skin.

  • Skin Types 1 – Very Dry to Dry, 2 – Dry Combination
  • Concern: Dullness / Anti-aging

This is equipped with a lot of antioxidants, cell-communicating ingredients and moisturizer. How's that for an elegant formulation?

Product Description:
Immediately reveals newer, brighter skin, clearing away coarseness and muddiness. Immediately minimises skin surface imperfections. Leaves skin with a velvety soft look and feel. Continuously maintains healthier looking, stronger, brighter skin that resists dryness and environmental irritants. Attacks visible fine lines non-stop. Use nightly.

~ 50 ml /  bluish jar (pretty!)

Texture / Consistency: Fluffy, light exfoliating cream.
Smell: Mild. No offensive scent.
Price: approx $36/50 ml

According to Clinique’s web, here’s the application how-to:
Apply once a day after your 3-step skin care system, avoiding eye area.
Follow with a supplemental moisturizer if needed.

As tested on my hand:

Once applied,  it's easily absorbed by the skin. It makes the skin softer and less irritated. 
I love that it makes my pores smaller. It can function like my facial mask already huh.

I did not experience any breakouts for this. The redness on my face are reduced when I use this and I noticed that everytime I'd stop using this, the redness of my face is again up on its mission. Argh. It did not totally erase my laugh lines too, but rather it diminishes its visibility. Really good for aging concerns.

TnTs: (Tips n Tricks) 
This method works for me but it doesn't mean that it will work for you too. 
Remember to be a responsible product user, all the time.

After putting toner on your face, wait for it to dry first before putting this product on your face. Once applied, let it sit for 8-10mins before putting on your serum/moisturizer.
Common mistake is that we tend to rush our skin care routine or we are into the lazy mode especially at night, agree?!
Exfoliators such as this product should work on slightly lower pH (acidic) to be effective. If you put on pH balanced serum/moisturizer, it may neutralize the acid and prevent it from doing its job and not exfoliate your skin- at all.
I always wake up with the 2 S's on my skin: supple and smooth.
~ Packaging is not hygienic. I believe the antioxidants inside are not preserved anymore.That's why I still prefer those pump-style ones.
~ Pricey, yes. But if you got the bucks, there's no need to think twice. It's worth the investment, still.
~ No SPF.
~ There were times ( the PMS mode) that it clashes with a  few breakouts. Proven, so I will then have to stop using it.

Any Clinique products you're using? or any products you think is worth trying? Share here 







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